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Delivery Estimate Summary


Delivery Estimate Summary provides users an accurate and realistic delivery expectation based on past delivery times.


Using a bar graph, we can display how common delivery was for each week since order confirmation. The most common week of delivery is highlighted in the graph and shows the percentage of likelihood of delivery during that given week.


We received a lot of complaints about slow delivery times and negative reviews from users who were still waiting for their products and weren’t sure when their products will come.


We analysed a lof of these feedback and we think one of the reasons users left these reviews on the App Store is because they had unrealistic delivery time expectations.


When you order a product at Wish, we generally give you a pretty large window of when you can expect your delivery such as October 15 - November 4 and we believe some of these users left these reviews on the App Store because they didn’t receive their order on the first few days of this window.

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  • Rely on historical data of past delivery times

  • Every time, a product is delivered to a customer, we add the delivery length to database

  • Use this information to calculate the most common delivery week numbers/dates, as well as the number of deliveries for each week since order confirmation

  • We can add extensions to these past data if we expect a delay



  • Full-stack development

  • Back-end: Python, MongoDB

  • Front-end: Swift, AutoLayout

  • A/B Tested 3 versions