Introducing Voluny

Voluny is a quick, easy and simple volunteering app that is tailored specifically for volunteers who love to help out their community as well as for recruiters, who are seeking for volunteers for their organizations.


“Alone, we can do so litte; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.


We believe in the power of people. You and I, as individuals, do great things. But did you know that we do greater things when we come together. If I ask anyone, “Do you like helping people?”, the morality answer is always, “Yes”. Of course, everyone wants to help everyone else. Do you have the time? Yes. Do you have the will? Yes. Do you care about your community? Yes. But really, do you have the patience to sit for hours on your computer? To search on countless websites for volunteer experiences? To apply through a long chain of emails only to find out that the time doesn’t work for you? Yeah, we don’t think so. That’s where Voluny comes in and solves this problem.


Winner of

IEEE Mobile App

Development Contest



IEEEmadC is an Annual International App Development Contest organized by IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), one of the largest the world's largest technical professional organizations for the advancement of technology.


There are 3 stages of the IEEEmadC contests: Idea Stage, Development Stage, and the Judging Stage. The Idea Stage is equivalent to the elimination stage, where the participants begin to submit their ideas about mobile applications that they would like to develop. All ideas will be evaluated and only if accepted, participants can move on and start with the Development Stage.


Teams whose ideas have been approved will be eligible to submit their apps and other necessary attachments: Documentations, Working files, Screenshots, Video promo, Application, GitHub link, etc.


Participants are judged based on UI Design, UX Design, Usefulness, Innovation, Uniqueness.

How it works



Local volunteering experiences around you



A cause that you care about



Easily and quickly volunteer experiences that you are interested in



Sign up as a recruiter and recruit anyone!

Voluny Promo Video

Introducing Voluny

For Volunteers

As the volunteer, the decision is all yours. Apply to 1, 2, 10 or as many experiences as you want. You can join, search, and apply for volunteering experiences within a few minutes. In addition, we created a variety of categories including Children, Pets, Homeless, Education and more. It is important that we let you have the flexibility to choose your cause and the volunteer experiences you wish to apply to – giving total control for you.


The goal of Voluny is to make the user experience seamless, without any confusion. We care about your experience, that’s why it’s important for us to design a seamless UX management tool that only shows you what you want to know. After you apply, you can easily keep track of your applications to see if you are a good match to what the organization is looking for, receive all the information you need to start without having to contact back and forth with the organizations.

For Recruiter of Organizations

We understand that as a recruiter, you already have enough things to worry about. With our app as the recruiter, who represents the organization, you can post new volunteer experiences within minutes without complicated hassles. The recruiter can manage current or past listings through the recruiter portal.


Our intention is to make things quick and simple. It is important that making decision should not take away your precious time. That’s why we make it simple for you to decide if the candidate is a good match by simply clicking “Accept” or “Decline” after you preview their information. With our easy managing tool, you will be able to edit, delete or modify your listing, as well as having an overview of your volunteer experience.

The tech talk


Voluny was developed using Swift and Xcode. The application uses a few Google Cloud services such as Firebase to provide authentication, database, and cloud storage. The app also makes use of Google Places API to get auto-completion results of the cities in the world as the user starts searching for cities. In addition, Google Geocoding API was also used during the development to translate geographic coordinates into human-readable addresses.


Developer:  Marton Zeisler

The design talk


Voluny was wireframed, prototyped and designed from scratch using Sketch App. The design process includes thoughtful research that identifies the problem: Everyone wants to volunteer but there’s no reliable source for that. Voluny has received an Iron Design Award from A’Design Competition in Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Category, judged by leading professionals, academics and influential press members.


UIUX Designer: Uyen Vicky Vo