Taskready is a simple colorful task, note and event management app that helps you to get things done and save your thoughts. Beyond tasks and notes, Taskready also helps you keep track of your schedule with a beautiful colorful calendar.


Tasks, notes and events can be customized by selecting unique colors and adding location information. All user data is stored offline, so you never need to worry about your privacy.

How it works



Take a glance at the number of tasks, notes and events you created



Customized, organize your tasks, todo list easily



Take note of your favorite locations, checklists and images



Never miss an event again

The details

Keep track of your progress

  • Take a glance at the number of tasks, notes and events you created

  • Check your progress of your tasks, see how many tasks you still need to complete and how many you completed

Create colorful To-Do Lists

  • Organize your tasks into colorful lists, customize your list by giving it a special color and an icon

  • Taskready automatically organizes your tasks into sections by date

  • Add location information and notes to your tasks

  • Set a reminder when creating your task and Taskready will remind you when it’s time to complete the task

Take note of anything

  • Take simple notes with just text and a title

  • Take notes of special images, you can import any photo from your photo library or take a picture directly using your camera

  • Create notes of checklists, grocery lists and more

  • Take note of any location, search for any place around you and take note of its location and place name

  • Add a color to your notes to make your list of notes beautifully colorful

Create colorful To-Do Lists

  • Expand or collapse the calendar to change the layout of the calendar screen

  • Tap on Today to quickly jump to today’s date on the calendar

  • Taskready automatically organizes your events into sections by date Add location information and notes to your events

  • Add a special color to your events to make the calendar beautifully colorful

The tech talk


Taskready is a native iOS application and it was developed in Swift using Xcode. The application is completely offline so it doesn't store any user data remotely. The app saves all user generate data locally on the user's device using the Realm framework.


The user interface was built entirely in code, which allowed me to reuse a lot of views and other UI elements. The app uses Google Places API to get auto complete results when the user searches for a location in the app. Core Location was used to detect the user's current location and the CLGeocoder class was used to convert the user's geographical coordinates into human-readable addresses.