COVID-19 Tracker


Covid-19 Tracker allows you to track the spread of the virus and see detailed statistics for each country. Search for any country to see the number of confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries.


Learn more about the virus, how it spreads and what you can do to protect yourself and others around you. The covid-19 tracker includes official guidelines from health organizations such as WHO and CDC. 


This app was developed in February, 2020 and was submitted to the App Store but Apple rejected it as they only allow health organisations to release Coronavirus related apps.

How it works



Track the spread of the virus around the world



Check the number of confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries for each country



Search for any country to see statistics



Learn more about the virus and how to protect yourself

The details

Track the spread of COVID-19

  • Use the map view to see where the virus has spread to

  • The size of the red circle indicates how badly the virus has spread in that area, the bigger the circle, the more cases

  • Tap on any of the red circles to see the number of cases, deaths and recoveries in that area

  • Track the total number of confirmed cases and deaths around the world

Check statistics

  • See detailed statistics of COVID-19 country by country

  • Check how many cases, deaths and recoveries are in individual states/regions of certain countries

  • Check which country has the most and least cases, deaths and recoveries

  • Search for any country to see their total number of confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries

Learn more

  • Learn more about the virus, where it started and how it spreads

  • Learn what you can do to protect yourself and others around you

  • Read frequently asked questions and answers about coronavirus

  • Read about myth busters to make sure you don't have false information about the virus


  • We collect our data from publicly available databases of official health organisations such as WHO and CDC

The tech talk


COVID-19 is a native iOS application and it was developed in Swift using Xcode.  It uses Google Maps SDK with a custom map style for the map view. The data is fetched from a private Firebase server, which contains a JSON file of all the cases, deaths and recoveries of countries. This file is manually updated based on official publicly available databases from WHO and CDC.