CleanTemp is a simple, powerful and highly customisable weather app, that helps you to keep track of all kinds of weather conditions in your location and favourite cities. 

You can customise what kind of weather conditions should be shown such as wind,  visibility, humidity and many others. 

Want to show off the weather in your city? CleanTemp can generate a weather report card with any background of your choice and share it directly to your Instagram stories.

How it works


Add your favourite cities


Choose your favourite

weather components


View a detailed weather report including a 5 day forecast 


Pick a background and share

It on social media

The details


  • Enable location services to allow CleanTemp to check your local area's weather

  • Search for any city with autocomplete support

Even More

  • Dark mode support, choose between light and dark mode or use system setting to automatically switch theme

  • Continue where you left off, when you open CleanTemp, it remembers which city you were looking at last time

  • Reorder your list of cities using drag and drop gesture


  • Share generated weather report card directly to Instagram Stories or any other social media platform

  • CleanTemp automatically picks an appropriate background image based on the selected weather

  • Replace background with an image from your photo gallery or use Unsplash to find the perfect background


  • Unlock the full potential of CleanTemp by upgrading to PRO as an IAP

  • Unlimited locations

  • Removed watermark in background on share

  • Extra weather components

The tech talk

CleanTemp is a native iOS application and it was developed in Swift using Xcode. The user interface was built entirely in code, which allowed me to reuse a lot of views and other UI elements.


The app uses Google Places API to get auto complete results when the user searches for a city in the app. The app uses OpenWeatherMap API to fetch the latest weather information. Unsplash API was also integrated to allow users to search for images to set the background of the generated weather report card.